The Host Setup

The host machine has the following specification:

  • CPU :
    • Athlon X2 4850e (2.5GHz) dual core
  • Memory
    • 8Gb RAM
  • Storage
    • 2 x 500Gb drives.
  • IP addresses
    • 1 IP for the host.
    • A /27 allocation of IPv4 addresses for use by the guests.
    • A /48 allocation of IPv6 space for use by the guests.

The host machine is setup with software RAID, and uses LVM for storage. This provides protection against a single drive failing - but doesn't help if the motherboard is fried, a power-supply explodes, or meteor strikes the hosting facility. i.e. Take regular backups. Yourself.

Per-User Specification

The resources are split up such that each user has a single guest with:

  • Memory
    • 1Gb RAM
  • Storage
    • 50Gb.
  • IP addresses
    • 3 IPv4 Addresses.
    • A /64 allocation of IPv6 addresses.

i.e. The resources of the machine were divided into eight equal shares, and seven of them are allocated to our seven users. The eight share is left spare for use as overhead for the host.

Network Setup

There is nothing terribly complex about the network setup - each machine has a number of IP addresses allocated to it, both IPv6 & IPv4.

Currently the ranges are:

GuestIPv4 AllocationIPv6 AllocationNotes
ore180.68.85.34-362001:41c8:125:34::/64Half-sized guest
ore280.68.85.552001:41c8:125:55::/64Half-sized guest.

As an aid to memory the IPv6 allocations are based upon the last octet of the first IP address assigned to each guest.

IPv6 Setup

Further details of how to setup IPv6 support are located in our support section..